Plug & Play Personalization

for web applications

Install 1 line of JS. Then...
<!DOCTYPE html>


Identifies Anonymous Traffic

An anonymous user comes to your site.

Augur identifies the user's device...

  • Profile Photo

and builds a predictive profile on that user.

Profile Photo

Using zero cookies
Augur provides deep consumer
insights on anonymous & registered visitors.

Flip a switch.
Your site is personalized.

Augur knows each visitor's motivation & context.
That insight is used to display the content & path
most likely to make each visitor engage & convert.

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Basecamp helps you manage business projects.
See the big picture and who’s in charge of what.

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Basecamp helps you define and delegate work,
set deadlines, review work, evaluate what’s left.

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Last year alone, Basecamp helped over 285,000
companies finish more than 2,000,000 projects.

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What is Augur?

You have to see it for yourself.